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Our company exists to help yours with technology, IP, and strategy.  Do you know how to research the patentability and market potential of a new idea?  How to guarantee "freedom to exercise" in a cluttered IP environment?  How to patent around the competition to defend your market space?  How to write your patent specifications in clear engineering language that maximizes USPTO acceptance and future defensibility?  How to file and prosecute a patent for a fraction of what a patent lawyer would charge?  WE DO.

Do you know how to design and build mechanical prototypes?  How to assemble novel electronic devices?  How to write code from embedded firmware to mobile apps to large enterprise systems?  How to gear up from design phase to pilot manufacturing to mass production?  WE DO.

Do you know how to use a prototype to attract crowdfunding, angel capital, venture capital, government grants, and customers?  How to test and certify a new product for market acceptance, and set up your development team to weather difficult times?  How to identify untapped possibilities in a mature market space?  How to turn around an ailing technology company, or rejuvenate a stalled one?  How to package a company for sale?  How to turn a simple idea into an enterprise worth tens of millions of dollars?  WE DO.

Wil McCarthy, our company's Chief Innovator and CTO At Large, is a seasoned inventor with issued patents in seven countries, whose work has raised over $30M in investment.  He is also a registered patent agent, able to do most of the same things a patent lawyer can do.  A bestselling author, he has written for major publications including Nature, WIRED, Discover, and Popular Mechanics; has consulted for multiple branches of the U.S. and U.K. governments; has worked in thirteen different industries; and has been full-time, non-fractional CTO of four different companies.  With executive, board, operational, and founder experience, he has the background to tackle issues at all levels of technology enterprise.  Whatever your problem is, Futuresmith / The Science Bar LLC can help.

Areas of Specialty

In each of the following areas, we have provided services, developed products, and/or written, filed, and prosecuted patents.

Aerospace & Space Science Structured Optical Materials Nanotechnology
Quantum Wells, Wires, and Dots Metamaterials Semiconductors
Liquid Crystal & Display Technology AI & Machine Vision Thermal Materials
Polymers, Paints, and Adhesives Cleantech and Solar Building Materials
Embedded Electronics & Firmware Simulation & Human Factors Enterprise Software
Pavement Marking Materials Mechanical Devices Robotics and Automation
Guidance & Navigation Systems Window & Shading Technologies Internet of Things
IP Portfolio Management Startups Beer & Liquor Industry
Smartphone Apps Motorcycles & Self-Driving Cars Publishing Industry

Wil McCarthy is registered to practice before the USPTO, and can legally write and file patents, argue/prosecute before the patent office, draft licensing and assignment agreements, and provide "law-related services" of various kinds.  As with lawers, Wil and his employees are also bound by Title 37, Part 11, governing the client-practitioner relationship, including 11.103 Diligence, 11.106 Confidentiality, 11.107-110 Conflict of interest, 11.115 Safekeeping of property, and 11.507 Law-related services.

However, The Science Bar, LLC is not a law firm, and cannot give legal advice outside the realm of patents.  Our business consultation and technology development advice are not a substitute for legal advice from a qualified attorney.

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