Raising the bar for technology companies.

Most tech and manufacturing companies need a seasoned Chief Technology Officer / patent agent, whether they realize it or not.  However, many don't need it (or can't afford it) as a full-time/permanent position, any more than they need their own in-house counsel or print shop.  Based in Denver but operating internationally, Futuresmith / The Science Bar LLC specializes in short-term or part-time technology and intellectual property consulting, to get your startup moving or your established business into high gear.

In the so-called gig economy or contractor economy, it's increasingly common for corporate officers to be part-time, non-employee experts.  This arrangement is sometimes known as an "outsourced CTO", "contract CTO", fractional CTO, "virtual CTO", or "vCTO".  Not all CTOs are created equal, however, so please read further to understand who we are and what we offer.

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